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    for your Bar, Night Club, Lounge or Restaurant.

    HDMI Matrix Control / HD Video Distribution / Sports Bar TV Control System

What is DisplayHub? There's many ways to describe what DisplayHub does: Bar TV control system, TV matrix system, HDMI matrix system, HDMI matrix control but basically what it does is it controls your displays and more importantly, what's on those displays (sources).

DisplayHub is simply put, a cloud based HDMI matrix controller. We've also heard it described as a Sports Bar TV Control system, Sports Bar HDMI control system, DirecTV Control software... whatever you call it doesn't matter nearly as much as what it can do: Below is a video demo that is now 1 year out of date but will give you an idea of how our easy to use HDMI matrix software works. To see the current version contact us for a link to a working, real time demonstration system that you can explore at your leisure.

  • Complete TV system control on any device with a modern browser such as Chrome, even from your phone!
  • Nothing to install on the client PC, smartphone or tablet (web based)
  • Control any number of STB's (such as DirecTV, Dish or Cable Box) complete with an onscreen remotes!
  • Practically any HDMI source to practically any HDMI source (even converters!)
  • Sources include: DirecTV, Dish, OTA, Cable, PC/Mac, Roku, FireStick... anything with HDMI
  • Know what any display is currently connected to
  • Know what any STB receiver is currently tuned to including program information
  • 50 millisecond latency means zero detectable lag and audio is always in sync
  • Easy to add sources and displays including auto finding DirecTV and Roku devices
  • Very small footprint, hide all the equipment in a location out of sight
  • True HDMI matrix, any combination of sources to displays
  • Perfect for Karaoke and Video DJ's
  • Digital menus and signage
  • Sports Bar control systems coming soon
  • Game scheduler coming soon
  • Audio via phone coming soon

Your staff should be serving guests, not getting remote shamed for pointing a remote behind a TV while balancing on a bar stool!

On a budget? Pre-Owned hardware is available.

We can also retrofit existing systems!

Discounts available for multiple locations and educational institutions.

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