Why use DisplayHub

  • Price / Affordability
    You likely found us while researching control systems and immediately realized they are very expensive. We can keep our pricing low by using readily available common hardware that retains value.

    A typical 32×32 HDMI matrix switcher starts at $10,000
    and comes with limited hardware and software which are just 2 of the many reasons this might not be the best choice for your business.We welcome comparisons to any system out there and encourage you to do your research.  We are happy to consult for free even if that means you don’t use one of our systems. We are 100% sincere in the claim that we want you to have the best end result and product that fits your needs.


  • Simple Installation
    With most systems there is a very costly install process that requires specialized skills, our systems require minimal tech skills and are commonly installed by the owner or installed by a local network installer. How much is onsite installation?


  • Features and updates
    Our subscription model not only saves you money but it also means you get all updates and new features automatically.Here are just a few more benefits over other systems:
    – Point and click on any device with a browser. We are not limited to special iPad or computer and our system requires nothing to be installed.
    – Customization! You are in the driver seat with our system you choose how to design your system and we offer custom modules for a low fee. The other guys, if even willing to, will charge a generous sum for a simple modification.
    Scalability. Our systems can be scaled without much hassle. Add a source or display with no special skills at all.