DisplayHUB Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements for DisplayHub can be purchased separately with the following guide OR purchase a subscription with hardware included:

Each source requires and HDMI to IP sender (these come with one receiver as well):


Each display requires a matching HDMI to IP receiver (1 is included with each sender above!):


The above adapters will be wired into a Ubiquiti Networks managed switch:

For 1-23 device systems:

For 1-47 device systems:

We do also offer custom modules
for controlling other brands
and models by request (contact us).Looking to retrofit an existing system? Yep, contact us!
Don’t forget your cabling for each as well, premade cables are available in any lengths:

We also offer complete kits with all hardware needed which can generally be self-installed or we offer professional onsite installation services.

Self installation does require basic networking knowledge.

The DisplayHub Appliance (required) is preconfigured and sent to you ready to install complete with instructions plus 2 hours of phone support included for free.

Once you have the DisplayHub Appliance directly wired to your internet modem/router it will be ready for you to setup your sources, displays, EPG (Electronic Program Guide), users, preferences and all other settings.

All settings are easily configured via the built in configuration interface.

Please note, to control DirecTV receivers they will also need to be wired into the DisplayHub Appliance via ethernet.