FAQ Category: Installation

Reset to factory

This is only for technicians and should not be done unless instructed.

Hold the reset button until the middle green light goes out and the red light comes on, this can take around 20 seconds. Holding the reset will cause the middle green to blink, then blink faster and then blink rapidly… wait until it goes out and the red light comes on, release the reset button.

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What are the lights for?

The first green light is the system light, it indicates if there is power and will blink when the appliance calls home.
The middle light indicates if the system has an internet connection. This light checks for an internet connection every 60 seconds, if internet is not found, the light will flash several times and then system will reboot.
The last light is a red Wifi traffic indicator.

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How do I teach IR commands to IR Blasters?

To teach a remote command go to your IR Blasters Configuration screen.

Locate the IR Blaster you want to learn commands from by clicking the “Blink Light Button”, this will flash a light on the IR Blaster for 1 minute. Once you are sure you have located the proper IR Blaster you will now locate the learning port on the device (small hole and labled). This is where you will aim your teaching remote.

Now click “Remote Buttons”, click add button, give your button a name, then point your teaching remote at the learning port on the iR blaster and briefly push the button you are teaching/learning. The IR blaster will blink confirming it registered your code in it’s memory.
TIP: push the button for only a split second, some remotes repeat commands in rapid succession, this will produce a code that the IR Blaster can not understand.

After the IR Blaster registered a code in it’s memory, click the “Get last IR code learned” button, this will copy the command from the IR Blaster into the button you have created.
TIP: most button commands will be very long (32 bits) and will look similar to this example: {‘data’:[9018,4484,588,546,586,546,586,542,588,546,584,542,588,512,616,542,586,546,588,1662,586,544,590,540,584,514,618,542,588,540,588,510,618,1666,586,544,586,1666,584,1666,586,1666,588,546,588,1664,588,542,588,542,588,1666,588,542,584,546,590,538,588,1664,588,544,584,1666,588,1660,584],’type’:’raw’,’khz’:38}
TIP: The command you just retrieve should be at least slightly different than the previous.

With the IR Blaster connected to the device you are attempting control, click the “Test” button, your command should be sent to the IR Blaster which will then convert it back into an IR signal that will produce the desired result.

Continue adding buttons, once you have added the buttons you wish to use (not all are needed) simple click save.

That’s it! You have taught your remote to the DisplayHub system! Don’t forget to associate the IR Blaster to a port/device

For color buttons, simply use the color name like RED for the button label.

For CC / Closed Captioning use “CC”.

Some odd devices use special characters for channel numbers etc. For example, our EPG’s supply digital channel numbers with – (dash) but your device might want to receive a . (period / dot) for seperation of the numbers in a digital channel, this is can be fixed by simply teaching your remote a command of – (dash) with the IR code for a . (period / dot).

For all other buttons simply use the same character, for example, some want to use “period” for dots, simply use a single . (period).

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Can I add more inputs or outputs?

Yes, you can add more devices anytime within the limits of your subscription and main switch.

Example, you purchased a 23 device subscription and have a 24 port switch with open ports available you can add devices by purchasing more input and/or output adapters.

If you have run out of ports contact us about our trade in program.

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Can DisplayHub control Spectrum, Comcast, OTA Antenna or devices other than DirecTV?

Yes, with a “but”. These devices to not have a native way of controlling them via IP so we developed custom IR Blasters that need to be mounted to the device. DisplayHub will automatically discover these blasters allow you to configure them. We currently only have pre-programmed remote codes for Spectrum but we are happy to custom code IR Blasters with the data needed to control your device but we will need you to send that device in to us. We typically have a turnaround of about 2 days for this service. IR Blasters are $119 each. Please contact us for move info.

We also offer custom IR Blasters to control TouchTunes, AMI, zoned amplifiers and other devices can be integrated.

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