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Activate (or reactivate) a DirecTV receiver

Activate Online
After you complete the receiver setup, DIRECTV allows you to activate the receiver online. To do this, open an Internet browser and navigate to the DIRECTV website. Click “My Account” in the upper-right corner of the window. Click on the “My Equipment” tab. Click the “Update” button next to your receiver’s name. The receiver’s name is usually DVR or Standard. Type the access code number and model number of the receiver. Enter the receiver ID. To find out your receiver’s ID, open the access card door panel and look for a sticker inside. The receiver ID is written on the sticker.

If you cannot access the Internet or the DIRECTV website, DIRECTV customer service will activate your receiver over the phone. Call customer service at 1-800-531-5000. DIRECTV offers general support from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. (EST), seven days a week. They offer technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you call, have your receiver ID, model number, and access card number ready.

Activate a Used Receiver
DIRECTV lets you activate a used receiver in certain circumstances. If the receiver has no receiver ID, you cannot activate it. A receiver without an ID is too old to work with the current DIRECTV service. The receiver must have been owned, not leased. It must also not be active on a different DIRECTV account. If you think that your receiver meets these conditions, call DIRECTV customer service. To activate the receiver, you need to order a new access card for $20. After installing the receiver and new access card, call DIRECTV again for activation. Let customer service know that you have a used receiver.

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How to configure IR Blasters to connect to Wifi

The IR Blasters are shipped already prepared to be used in your DisplayHUB system and should be plug and play however there are times that the WiFi configuration of the blaster might need to be updated:

The DisplayHUB IR Blasters are configured by connecting your computer to the SSID labeled “IRBlaster” and then entering “displayhub” for the password. Your browser should automatically launch and go to, this is where you enter the DisplayHUB appliance WiFi credentials. The default credentials are already entered, just click save! Only change the defaults if you are instructed by customer support to do so.

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Appliance is unreachable

This error is generally because there is not an internet connection to the DisplayHUB appliance.

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Reccomended Hardware

HDMI converters:
USB cables to power the above:

Managed Switch (for the matrix): <- we recommend buying 2 to have 1 as a backup. We’ve never had one fail but it’s a good idea!
Desktop Switch (for data out of the DisplayHUB appliance:

Optional but recommended…
Digital Signage: <- only 1 is needed, this is broadcast via DisplayHUB
Power backup:
Power Distribution:
Velcro to strap devices into place when they cant be mounted (like the boxes to the TV):

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DirecTV Receiver setup

In order to use your DirecTV receivers with DisplayHub, they must be enabled in the set-top box by navigating to the
“External Device” settings screen (Menu->System Setup->Whole-Home->External Device) screen.
Once on this screen select “Allow” for “External Access”

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