WiFi IR Blaster

$139.99 $99.99

Control virtually any IR device with our customizable IR Blasters. Easily configure and teach commands via our web based dashboard. Please note these are typically not needed for DirecTV control.

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Our customizable IR Blaster’s enable you to control virtually any IR device with DisplayHub! Integrated, by you, in a way that makes sense to your system setup.

  • WiFi controlled (no wiring)
  • USB Powered
  • Easy to configure via the web based dashboard.
  • Easy to teach commands from existing remotes via the web based dashboard.
  • Customize your on-screen remote anyway you like with custom buttons.
  • Copy command sets between blasters with 1 click, teach one remote and copy the commands between as many blasters as you like!
  • Compact and lightweight design for discreetly hiding the units.
  • Control virtually any device with IR control such as zone amplifiers, JukeBoxes, TV’s and much more.

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