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Does DisplayHub also transmit audio?

Yep! The audio latency is 10ms which is undisguisable to the human eye.

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How much is onsite installation?

There’s many factors here and this can really only be answered during a free consultation. Please feel free to contact us.

Ballpark you say?

We are located in Central Florida and are willing to travel just about anywhere provided travel expenses are covered, we can generally do a complete install for about $2,000. We are also happy to recommend a local installer. We also offer huge install discounts for long term commitments.


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Can I install DisplayHub myself?

Yes, and we can offer free phone support (by appointment) if you have any trouble. Some networking knowledge is useful but there is no coding or any other really techy skills needed, if you can paint by color then you can follow our installation instructions (video coming soon). All our techs and coders speak English natively and we do not outsource ANYTHING. Translators also available for a small fee. A happy, non-frustrated customer is a long term customer!

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Can I add digital signage?

Of course! You can add any device with an HDMI output. We can also offer built in digital signage for an additional fee (subscription based). Please contact us to learn more.

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Can I make my own cables?

Yes, most definitely. The ethernet cabling used is just like any RJ45 ethernet network. You must use at least CAT6 and the runs can go past 323 feet without additional hardware needed. Please test each and every cable thoroughly, we solve a large number of support tickets by discovering the cabling was faulty.

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