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How far can the adapters be placed from the main switch?

Short and simple answer, 323 feet but this can be extended with the use of ethernet extenders up to 7000 feet! However, we’ve done some rather big installs and have not yet needed these devices

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How much is the EPG data service?

The DisplayHub system offers a built in EPG (electronic program guide) but we do not provide the actual data used in that. The EPG data subscription is $25 per year and must be purchased by the system owner. Due to legal reasons we can not incorporate that fee into the monthly subscriptions. The signup process is very easy and we will guide you through that after your system is configured and probably operating.

The EPG is not an absolute requirement but is very useful throughout the system.

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What’s your uptime guarantee?

Our servers are redundant and hosted within the Amazon Web Services cloud. The uptime for 2018 was 99.99%.

Full Transparency:
Should a problem we guarantee a functional fix within 24 hours but this is only in a worst case scenario.

All servers are setup with automatic failover and redundancy for everything, the likelihood of a mass failure is low but not impossible.

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What’s the return policy?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We can return the cost of the entire system within 30 days minus the cost of cabling and installation as we can not reuse cabling once it’s been used.

After 30 days the hardware returned will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

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Does DisplayHub require an internet connection?

Yes, like so many other things these days DisplayHub is considered an “Internet of Things” system meaning it requires a persistent internet connection. Your TV’s will continue to work if your internet goes out but you will not be able to make any changes until service is restored.

You may also opt to use a backup cellular connection. The DisplayHub system can operate independent of your internal network.

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