Can DisplayHub be used for Karaoke and/or Video DJ’s?

Glad you asked! This very question is how this software was born over 8 years ago. Over founder and current CEO, Michael has been a Video DJ for nearly 30 years and when he decided to open a Retro themed nightclub they needed a way to put music videos on the displays but also be able to easily switch between other sources like DirecTV.

Side note, did you know that Karaoke singers sing better when they are looking up rather than a screen on the stage? Well, there’s no science to back this up we’ve been told it’s a much more natural position for singers and it requires less setup for your DJ’s.

There’s also a way really cool “wow” effect when the DJ switches all the displays showing the news or infomercials to every display in the bar showing music videos. The customer retention rate also went up, bonus! Entertained guest stay longer and spend more.

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