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Can I add more inputs or outputs?

Yes, you can add more devices anytime within the limits of your subscription and main switch.

Example, you purchased a 23 device subscription and have a 24 port switch with open ports available you can add devices by purchasing more input and/or output adapters.

If you have run out of ports contact us about our trade in program.

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Will DisplayHub ever become outdated?

We all have that closest of shame with DVD and BluRay players collecting dust. DisplayHub is future proof, we roll with the technology changes. While we are the subject, DisplayHub can be retro fitted into existing systems and also be connected to older devices with simple converters.

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Can DisplayHub control Spectrum, Comcast, OTA Antenna or devices other than DirecTV?

Yes, with a “but”. These devices to not have a native way of controlling them via IP so we developed custom IR Blasters that need to be mounted to the device. DisplayHub will automatically discover these blasters allow you to configure them. We currently only have pre-programmed remote codes for Spectrum but we are happy to custom code IR Blasters with the data needed to control your device but we will need you to send that device in to us. We typically have a turnaround of about 2 days for this service. IR Blasters are $119 each. Please contact us for move info.

We also offer custom IR Blasters to control TouchTunes, AMI, zoned amplifiers and other devices can be integrated.

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Can DisplayHub be used for Karaoke and/or Video DJ’s?

Glad you asked! This very question is how this software was born over 8 years ago. Over founder and current CEO, Michael has been a Video DJ for nearly 30 years and when he decided to open a Retro themed nightclub they needed a way to put music videos on the displays but also be able to easily switch between other sources like DirecTV.

Side note, did you know that Karaoke singers sing better when they are looking up rather than a screen on the stage? Well, there’s no science to back this up we’ve been told it’s a much more natural position for singers and it requires less setup for your DJ’s.

There’s also a way really cool “wow” effect when the DJ switches all the displays showing the news or infomercials to every display in the bar showing music videos. The customer retention rate also went up, bonus! Entertained guest stay longer and spend more.

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Couldn’t I just use a bunch of Rokus or Chromecast?

You could but they will all be out of sync and you won’t have all the other features like being able to switch all display to a signal source.

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