1-23 devices DisplayHub Subscription with EPG

From: $199.99 now,
then $299.99 / month with 1 month free

1-23 devices DisplayHub Subscription with EPG

23 Device DisplayHub Subscription

$299.99 / month with 1 month free

REQUIRED DisplayHub Appliance

Required for all subscriptions.

The brains of a DisplayHub system!

Comes preconfigured, USB power cable, 8 port mini switch and three 6 foot ethernet cables. 1 Cable goes to your modem, 1 cable goes to the mini switch and another goes from the mini switch to the large (main) switch.

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WiFi IR Blaster

Control virtually any IR device with our customizable IR Blasters. Easily configure and teach commands via our web based dashboard. Please note these are typically not needed for DirecTV control.

Add more anytime!

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Upto 23 devices can be used with this subscription.
Any combination of inputs and outputs!
Example: 3 DirecTV receiver inputs, 1 stage input, 1 Video DJ input, 18 Displays (TVs).

Onsite installation sold separately.

The required hardware for this subscription is not include, please see read about required hardware here.